Improving the Sleep Quality of People in Hospice

Proving hospice and personal care should include making sure that your patient has a good quality of sleep. Good sleep quality means that they have no trouble sleeping and can stay asleep for 6-8 hours every night with little to no interruptions. As a skilled nursing facility providing hospice care, we value the overall well-being […]

Learn the Truth About Hospice Care

If you have absorbed plenty of false information about hospice care, allow us to help you. As a high-quality provider of hospice and home care services in Vallejo, California, we would be glad to educate you on some common misconceptions about hospice care so that you will be better informed about what hospice care truly […]

How to Introduce Hospice Care to a Loved One

Being diagnosed with a terminal illness is not easy for the patient and their loved ones. And it won’t be easy to talk about hospice care as well. But the earlier you begin the conversation, the better it is for your loved one so they can have the help of registered nurses. As a leading […]

When Hospice Care Makes a Better Option

If you need any form of help, there are different options available. You can choose based on your location or your preference. One of the many choices you or someone you know may encounter includes the choice of hospice. As such, when is hospice care a good alternative? Here are some signs it may be […]

Some Guide Questions to Shed Light on Your Path

Hospice is just one of the different options in front of you. If you are thinking about walking this path, allow us to share common guide questions with the corresponding responses so you can make a sound decision. Who is eligible for hospice care? Hospice care can be suggested to patients with a life expectancy […]

Common Hospice Concerns at Home

Spending the remainder of one’s day makes more sense in the place where one feels the most comfortable. The home is the one true place we belong. While hospice can be done at home, some concerns remain that should be addressed to ensure the safety and well-being of the patient. When the patient determines their […]