Improving the Sleep Quality of People in Hospice

Posted on October 20, 2023 by Solano Care

Proving hospice and personal care should include making sure that your patient has a good quality of sleep. Good sleep quality means that they have no trouble sleeping and can stay asleep for 6-8 hours every night with little to no interruptions.

As a skilled nursing facility providing hospice care, we value the overall well-being of our hospice clients. That is why we always promote good sleep quality. Here are our expert tips on how you can achieve the best sleep while under hospice care at home:

  • Establish a routine
    Having a good routine can significantly improve sleep quality. Create a nighttime ritual you can follow every night leading to your bedtime. To give you an example, you can take a shower while listening to music and then light a scented candle and read a book until a certain time. Note that you need to sleep and wake up at the same time every day.
  • Do not take a nap
    As much as possible, avoid napping during the daytime. This can give you trouble sleeping at night because it decreases your sleep pressure, called the homeostatic sleep drive. To maintain good quality sleep, you want to build up that pressure or drive during the day so that when it’s time for bed, you can easily sleep.

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