Talking to a Loved One with Life-Limiting Disease

Talking to your loved one with life-limiting disease can sometimes be difficult because of the mixed emotions you are feeling. It can be heartbreaking to know that your loved one has no other way to recover, but you should also do your best to hide emotions so they will not feel sad and depressed. Fortunately, […]

Essential Qualities of a Hospice Care Nurse

When it comes to choosing a hospice care provider for your loved one, make sure that the hospice care provider has nurses who are not only skilled and experienced but also compassionate towards their patients. A nurse’s abilities in hospice care include more than simply having the ability to deliver high-quality skilled nursing care; they […]

Fall Prevention Tips for Seniors in Hospice Care

The primary goal of hospice care is to ensure patients are comfortable and free of worries during their remaining months. But when you are old, your risk of falls increases. Falls are something that hospice care providers avoid happening. So, as a hospice care agency providing hospice care, ADLs support, grief counseling, and skilled nursing, […]

When Is a Person with Alzheimer’s Ready for Hospice?

As an Alzheimer’s patient’s condition progresses, there are several signs to look for that will help you determine when your loved one is ready for hospice care. One of the first signs is an increase in confusion and agitation. This can happen when the disease progresses to the point where your loved one is no […]

Here’s Why You Should Start Hospice Sooner

When you’re diagnosed with a terminal illness, it can be hard to know what to do. You might think that the best thing is to leave treatment until later—after all, there’s no sense in spending money on something that won’t benefit you in the long run. But it turns out that there are plenty of […]

Hospice vs. Hospitalization: What’s the Difference?

Hospice care is often a better option than hospitalization when you or a loved one is nearing the end of life. Here are some reasons why: It’s more comfortable. Hospices are designed to keep patients as comfortable as possible. They have registered nurses who know how to administer painkillers and ease the symptoms of terminal […]