End-of-Life Decisions You Need to Make

Posted on June 12, 2023 by Solano Care

End-of-life decisions and advanced planning is a multi-faceted process that entails taking charge of one’s healthcare and finances. It may include the decision to receive skilled nursing care, as well as who can make other important decisions when you are no longer capable of making those decisions yourself.

As a dependable provider of home care services in Vallejo, California, we will discuss the necessary end-of-life decisions you need to make:

  • Life support

    This entails indicating under what specific circumstances you do or do not want life-saving interventions. Examples of life-sustaining interventions include artificial nutrition or feeding tubes, ventilators, and resuscitation orders.

  • Healthcare proxy or power of attorney

    A healthcare power of attorney or healthcare proxy is someone you trust who will carry out your wishes and care preferences, such as receiving assistance with ADLs or skilled nursing services. This person will also be tasked with making those difficult decisions on your behalf if they need to.

  • Hospice care

    Hospice care is end-of-life care that is provided when your doctor certifies that you have less than six months to live. The decision to arrange hospice care aligns with forgoing curative treatment. Hence, you’ll agree to pain management and comfort care.

  • Spiritual considerations.

    You may not have any spiritual considerations in mind, or you could have specific spiritual needs. With hospice care, a non-denominational chaplain is likely available to discuss any anxiety and confusion about the end-of-life. If you are comfortable with a chaplain, you may also discuss your concerns with them.

Solano Care is a leading hospice provider offering services like bereavement support and caregiver training. We also offer guidance on end-of-life decisions to help you and your loved ones through this difficult time. Contact us for inquiries.

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