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Coping with Depression and Anxiety at the End of Life

Because we are a reputable skilled nursing facility and hospice care provider, we understand a great deal about the difficulty of having to cope with depression and anxiety if you have a terminal illness. While it is true that not all people with a life-limiting disease experience depression, they are more likely to suffer from it than healthy people.

It is normal to feel anxious, sad, and scared of death. But there are ways that can help you work through these emotions. Some people use antidepressant medications as well as psychotherapy to effectively treat depression. It is vital to talk to your doctor or healthcare team about the best options for you. It is also essential grief counseling for your family members. Getting them in a good mental state can help you have a more positive outlook.

Anxiety can sometimes stem from bottling your feelings and not talking. Both you and the people around you may be hesitant to talk about this difficult situation because of the thought that what will be said can affect others. Having a hospice care team can help you and your loved ones be more open, express your emotions, and communicate calmly. They can help make it easier for everyone.

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