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Addressing Common Myths About Hospice Care

The prevalence of hospice myths can prevent a person from getting the most out of what they have. Let us address some misleading pieces of information so that you or your loved one can make the appropriate decisions from the proper context.

A common myth to address right from the start is that hospice care means giving up. This is never the case. Hospice care instead focuses on what can be done based on the patient’s choices. Every one of us deserves a quality of life, and we enable the wishes of our patients.

Another myth is that hospice is a place where people settle their choice to live. This is not the case. Hospice is more than just a facility or a care program. Hospice is a philosophy of care, and our team works hard to provide this option where you may reside.

An unfounded belief is that hospice care is expensive. Hospice care providers charge different rates, but if you are able to evaluate the value versus the cost of service, you may realize that hospice care has been financially accessible for you.

Whenever you have questions about hospice care, get a reliable response from the trusted hospice agency in Vallejo, California.

Solano Care has been providing different forms of support. Whether you need light housekeeping or a skilled nursing facility, we are here for you.

Talk to your future assisted living facility in California today.

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