Benefits of Bereavement Support Services

As part of most services provided by hospice care, such as light housekeeping and personal care, bereavement support is also offered. Read on to learn more about the most well-known benefits of bereavement support services. With the help of a quality bereavement care program, you can better understand your own feelings. It allows you to […]

Addressing Common Myths About Hospice Care

The prevalence of hospice myths can prevent a person from getting the most out of what they have. Let us address some misleading pieces of information so that you or your loved one can make the appropriate decisions from the proper context. A common myth to address right from the start is that hospice care […]

Key Questions to Ask Your Hospice Provider

Hospice care providers play a critical role in the provision of service. A lot of the experience that patients attribute to receiving care directly concerns the care provider. If you are considering hospice for yourself or a family member, here are some essential questions to be answered before inking that service agreement. Ask about their […]

Managing Pain and Symptoms in Hospice

Symptoms can continue to negatively impact one’s quality of life. For patients in hospice, symptoms can become quite severe. One example is when a patient experiences intolerable pain. While there may be no option to eradicate the disease or illness right at the root, different strategies may be used to manage pain and symptoms. Medication […]