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Ways to Support a Loved One at the End of Life

When a loved one has an advanced, life-limiting illness, there may come a time when curative treatments will not help much. At this point, you may start to focus on end-of-life care and preparing for the final stage of life. Hence, your loved one may receive hospice care at home or an assisted living facility in California.

As a leading hospice agency in Vallejo, California, we will share ways you can support a loved one at the end of life:

  • Enjoy each other’s company.

    The presence of family in a hospice setting is important and offers numerous benefits. Use this time to talk and take part in enjoyable activities together. Friends and family can call or video chat if they are unable to visit in person. Simply being there will provide comfort and support for your loved one.

  • Discuss advance directives.

    If they haven’t already, help your loved one get their affairs in order. Help them create an advance directive, so you will know what their wishes are should there come a time when they are unable to express them. This may entail receiving care at a skilled nursing facility or connecting with an attorney to establish a will or plan for their estate.

  • Celebrate life together.

    You and your loved one still have time left. Make the most of it by celebrating their life and the good memories. Talk about the good days and browse through old photos. This will help your loved one feel supported and loved in their final days.

Solano Care is a trusted hospice care provider offering services ranging from caregiver training to light housekeeping. Reach out to us for inquiries.

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