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Key Questions to Ask Your Hospice Provider

Hospice care providers play a critical role in the provision of service. A lot of the experience that patients attribute to receiving care directly concerns the care provider. If you are considering hospice for yourself or a family member, here are some essential questions to be answered before inking that service agreement.

Ask about their experience. How many years are they operating the business? Giving a rough estimate of the clients they have served in the past and present illustrates how experienced the provider may be. However, experience is not measured in numbers alone but also in the “quality” of the service.

Ask previous or current clients about the quality of service they are receiving. Getting feedback from your peers gives you a transparent description of reality. Try to find clients or families with similar needs for better benchmarking but nevertheless, getting a solid testimonial can be helpful.

Are you looking for registered nurses?

Do you need more hospice care services in Vallejo, California?

Your trusted hospice care provider aims to deliver what we promise.

We are all about giving the care and comfort that you need. At Solano Care, we enable every team member to live by the care principles we have. We also share what we know through our caregiver training so that we can care for more people in need.

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