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How Hospice Provides Grief Support for Families

When a loved one is in hospice, it can be a difficult period for families. The loss of a loved one only adds to the heartache that family members already feel. As the patient nears the end of life and passes away, it’s essential to support the family unit. Fortunately, hospice can be provided at a skilled nursing facility or the patient’s home, and that includes bereavement support.

As a trusted hospice agency in Vallejo, California, we will discuss how hospice provides grief support to the patients’ families:

  • Grief Counseling

    A hospice provider can connect family members with a grief counselor to offer support after the loss of a loved one. Since everyone mourns differently, counseling can be provided individually. Bereavement support also provides the opportunity for family members to share their thoughts and emotional distress in a shared safe space.

  • Home Care Visits

    Hospice providers can also support grieving families by offering home care visits. At the onset of grief, most people may not have the energy to deal with tasks like household chores. In addition to personal care, a hospice team can offer emotional and spiritual support.

  • Connect with Social Workers

    Dealing with the loss of a loved one entails handling legal, financial, and medical matters. Tackling this heavy list while mourning can be overwhelming. Hence, hospice teams include social workers. Family members can ask social workers any questions they may have to provide clarity and guidance.

We at Solano Care specialize in providing high-quality, patient-centered hospice services to uplift the lives of those we serve. From skilled nursing to grief counseling, our services can be provided in an assisted living facility in California or the patient’s home. Reach out to us to inquire about our care services.

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