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Common Hospice Concerns at Home

Spending the remainder of one’s day makes more sense in the place where one feels the most comfortable. The home is the one true place we belong. While hospice can be done at home, some concerns remain that should be addressed to ensure the safety and well-being of the patient.

When the patient determines their choice of location as their residence – or a home of a loved one, their current doctors and care providers work hand-in-hand to determine the recommendations to honor their wishes. As doctors and other professionals are concerned about the patient’s health condition, they will be encouraging or requiring some devices, skill capacities, and other deliverables before giving a go signal to return.

Someone must be skilled or experienced enough to provide the care needed by the patient. Care providers may be asked to join in providing care at home. Family members may also delegate tasks to each other.

The patient’s safety should be prioritized at home. Given their deteriorating health or dulling senses, safety installations such as adequate lighting, additional grab bars, or motion-senor alarm systems may reduce accidents, as well as improve their mobility.

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