More Californians Prefer Hospice Care Over Aggressive Care

A 2012 paper reported that about 70% of Californians prefer natural death over all possible care to prolong their life should they become terminally ill. Seven years later, that figure remains roughly the same, according to the June 2020 California Health Care Almanac report.  Despite the majority of Californians wishing for a peaceful passing away […]

How Patients Under Hospice Care Save on Healthcare Costs

Be it a subscription, product, or service, adding a new expense to an individual’s budget appears counterintuitive when it comes to savings. But as with worthwhile investments, studies prove that acquiring hospice care services actually poses economic advantages for patients and their families alike. Reduced spending on Medicare patients under hospice care One such study […]

Hospice Care Benefits Go Beyond Patient Relief

Though hospice care focuses on improving its patients’ quality of life, studies show that its benefits extend to their families’ as well. Hospice care is a form of palliative care that offers a variety of services designed to ease patients with six months or less to live. “It begins after treatment of the disease is […]

Embracing New Passions in Hospice Care

Passions give a different take on one’s life. After all, life is a journey filled with moments of discovery and personal growth. Even in hospice care or during life’s final chapters, embarking on a new hobby remains a possibility. Being in hospice should not stop you or your loved one from pursuing or starting what […]

When Hospice Care Is the Better Option

Navigating the complexities of end-of-life decisions can be emotionally taxing for both patients and their families. One crucial choice that often arises is whether to opt for hospice care services in Vallejo, California. Understanding when hospice care is the better option can make a profound difference in the comfort and quality of life for those […]

How to Choose a Good Hospice Care Provider

If your loved one has already been diagnosed with a terminal illness, hospice care may be the best option for them. However, before picking a hospice care provider for your loved one, ensure that they are a trustworthy and recognized organization. Choosing a hospice care provider is a crucial decision that you should make. This […]