Into the 2020s: American Healthcare Snapshot Thus Far

As the first quarter of 2024 concludes, how is American healthcare doing thus far going into the fourth year of the 2020s?  In 2023, The Commonwealth Fund reported that despite increased healthcare expenditure, the US had declining health outcomes as compared with other high-income nations.  The statement came from the organization’s US Health Care from […]

As Global Climate Continues to Climb, Seniors Get Increasingly At Risk

Over 75 million people in 2019 were adults aged 60 years old and above, comprising one-fifth of the entire US population. As global climate temperatures continue to climb, that same demographic gets increasingly at risk, says the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  Hotter temperatures, heightened risks A hotter global climate impacts environments and societies the world […]

More Californians Prefer Hospice Care Over Aggressive Care

A 2012 paper reported that about 70% of Californians prefer natural death over all possible care to prolong their life should they become terminally ill. Seven years later, that figure remains roughly the same, according to the June 2020 California Health Care Almanac report.  Despite the majority of Californians wishing for a peaceful passing away […]

How Patients Under Hospice Care Save on Healthcare Costs

Be it a subscription, product, or service, adding a new expense to an individual’s budget appears counterintuitive when it comes to savings. But as with worthwhile investments, studies prove that acquiring hospice care services actually poses economic advantages for patients and their families alike. Reduced spending on Medicare patients under hospice care One such study […]

Easing the Inevitable with Hospice Care

A form of palliative care, hospice care focuses on attending to the mental, emotional, and spiritual needs of terminally ill patients during the last stages of their lives. Hospice care services are provided by professionals with different specialties and backgrounds with the singular goal of providing patients as much comfort and convenience as they can […]

Hospice Care Benefits Go Beyond Patient Relief

Though hospice care focuses on improving its patients’ quality of life, studies show that its benefits extend to their families’ as well. Hospice care is a form of palliative care that offers a variety of services designed to ease patients with six months or less to live. “It begins after treatment of the disease is […]