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Depression in Patients with Terminal Illness

Patients who are terminally ill may experience unfortunate emotions that are severe enough to affect their daily activities. This is understandably the case. A terminal diagnosis is painful for the patient and their loved ones.

However, another layer may complicate the situation, and addressing this is important. On top of the negative emotions and declining health, terminally ill patients may struggle with depression.

Recognizing depression from other negative emotions can be a challenge, but if left unaddressed, the patient further suffers. If you know someone who seems to have chronic anxiety, depressed mood, reduced interest in previously enjoyed hobbies, difficulty making decisions, and others, it may be time to recommend professional help.

There are different aspects to providing support at home. If you are looking for home care services in Vallejo, California, we got some of what you may need.

We provide compassionate skilled nursing care so your loved one may be able to get more comfortable at home.

We offer bereavement support for patients and family members at any stage in the grieving period.

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