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At Solano Care, we aim to provide exceptional care, comfort, and compassion to alleviate the pain and stress associated with life-limiting illnesses. Whether at home or in a facility, we’re ready to provide the level of care your loved one needs and deserves.

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At Solano Care, our mission is to help those in need and their loved ones

We are driven by compassion to provide high-quality and holistic private hospice care at home to people dealing with advanced illnesses and end-of-life difficulties. Your loved one’s comfort is our top priority.

Peace of mind is priceless — and it’s exactly what we strive to give our clients and their families during trying times.  

All About Hospice

What is hospice?
Hospice services provide comfort and relief without curative intent.
Who pays for hospice?
Hospice care is covered by Medicare Hospice Benefits and most patients are eligible.
Who is hospice for?
Hospice is for people dealing with terminal illnesses and related conditions with a life expectancy of six months or less.
What are the signs that your loved one needs hospice care?
Gain a better understanding of when your loved one needs hospice care.
Debunking hospice myths.
Is hospice a healthcare setting or a care type? Is it only for cancer patients? Distinguish hospice fact from fiction.
Other common hospice questions.
Is there no turning back from hospice care? Is it more expensive to get private hospice care at home? Learn the answers behind important hospice questions.

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We provide a wide range of hospice services that aim to give great support and relief to patients with end-of-life needs.
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Hands-on care from our highly skilled and empathetic team members.
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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)
Find answers to the most commonly asked questions. 

Hospice care focuses on compassionate care that ensures the quality of life of a person with a life-limiting or advanced illness. Hospice care prioritizes the comfort of a person with a terminal illness.

Hospice is comfort-centric care without curative intent — this means that the patient no longer has curative options or has chosen not to pursue treatment because the side effects outweigh the benefits. Meanwhile, palliative care is comfort-centric care with or without curative intent.

Not necessarily. Hospice can be provided wherever the patient lives, regardless if it’s in the patient’s own home, assisted living, nursing facility, or in a different setting.

Your loved one will experience holistic, personalized, and compassionate care from our care team, which consists of a physician, a skilled nurse, a home health aide, a social worker, and a spiritual counselor.

Improve your loved one’s quality of life with quality hospice care services
Our patient-focused and compassionate hospice care services allow our clients to find joy and peace for the rest of their lives. Talk to us about your loved one’s hospice care needs today.